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Stevinson Imports

2017 Porsche Cayman

Idea 718

The new Boxster 718 that has already been released and is available for sale and the upcoming launch of the 718 Cayman are the sequel that continues the era of 718. 6 is the flat 6, now replaced with a four-cylinder turbocharged boxer engine with the same competitive spirit that’s cemented itself in racing heritage. This new engine cranks out 350 hp and 309 lb-ft torque which is more than enough to get your heart pumping. 0-60 is a blistering 4.4 sec and a Top Track Speed of 177 mph will keep you thrilled and your adrenalin redlined.

Porsche Buffalo expects to be getting the first 718 Cayman in sometime in the next couple months. Fill out the form below or contact us to pre-order your 718, and be one of the first in Colorado to own one. We also plan on having a launch event for the vehicle. Check our News/Blog section in the upcoming months for a date and location of the event.

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