Welcome to Porsche Conquest Lease Program

Program Period: Effective February 1, 2019 - April 1, 2019

The Welcome to Porsche Program is now offered on the New 2019 718 Boxster, 718 Cayman, and 2019 and 2018 Panamera vehicles. The Program's main features include:

Up to $1,500 individual payment credit

Up to $4,500 total credit

Customer Eligibility

Customers with a currently active competitive (non-Porsche of any make) lease contracted as a new, demo or pre-owned vehicle (as detailed by their existing lease agreement). If competitive lease vehicle is pre-owned, term of competitive lease agreement must be 24 months or greater and vehicle must be MY2010 or newer.

To be considered active, the customer must have at least one payment due as of the contract date for the eligible new Porsche model. Active status is determined by the PFS contract date being greater than 30 days from the original maturity date of the competitive lease. Competitive leases that have been extended beyond the original maturity date are not eligible.

Payoff, trade-in, or return of the existing competitive lease is not required except if the competitive lease is 181 days or more from the maturity date. However, current PFS credit guidelines apply as applicable to each transaction.

Competitive lease agreement must be within 180 days of maturity date or proof of competitive lease payoff must be remitted by Porsche dealer Eligible for MY19 718 Boxster, 718 Cayman, and MY19 & MY18 Panamera new vehicle contracts

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